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Educational Policy and Research Association (EPRA) is an organization of interdisciplinary researchers and experts with extensive experience in the development and application of assessment solutions. EPRA was founded in 2012 by a team of professional experts in education field. EPRA founders  have designed and implemented one of the most successful and sustainable education reform initiatives in the education field in post-soviet countries. 
The founders of the Association have developed and introduced reliable, fair, and transparent examination systems, created high-performance technological, innovative models for selective and certifying testing systems. The visit card of successful reforms in Georgia became the new system of University Entry Exams: “Georgia’s once notoriously corrupt university entrance exam has been transformed into a competitive exam based strictly on merit. Wealthy and well-connected students are no longer able to bribe their way into university, and students from the regions now have much greater access to higher education.”
(Fighting corruption in public services : chronicling Georgia's reforms, 2012).

The first successful large-scale application of Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) in the world is based on a complex algorithm developed by the founders of the Association. This achievement has been discussed at international conferences and symposiums and was adequately reflected in the World Bank Report. “Success factor: NAEC’s psychometric and ICT competence International psychometrics consultants state that what has been achieved in Georgia in terms of implementation of a large-scale, high-stakes computer adaptive testing effort within a very short time is unique in the world. According to them this could only happen thanks to the high-level expertise in the field of psychometrics and ICT”  The introduction of large-scale Computer Adaptive Testing in Georgia, 2014  (Word Bank Report).

The Association members are professionals who have conducted international educational surveys and large scale national assessments; the reports drafted by them vividly demonstrate the conditions, challenges and accomplishments existing in the educational system of the country. 


Dr. Prof.
Maia Miminoshvili

Matematician, Assessment Expert


Dr. Prof.
David Gabelaia

Matematician, Assessment Expert


Dr. Prof.
Iva Mindadze

Germanist, Assessment Expert


Dr. Prof.
Ia Kutaladze

Work and organizational Psychologist, Researcher, Psychometrician


Dr. Prof.
Michael Mania

Matematician, Assessment Expert


Dr. Prof.
Sophie Dolidze

Expert of Personality Diagnostics and Cognitive Skills Evaluation, Career Assessment and Consultancy Specialist


Dr. Prof.
Tamar Gagoshidze

Neuropsychologist, Dean of TSU Psychology and Education Department, Professor


Dr. Prof.
Mamuka Jibladze

Matematician, Assessment Expert


Dr. Prof.
Natia Andguladze

Education Expert, Educational Policy Specialist

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